Walk (and build, and trade) like an Egyptian in Civilization VI

Livin’ the life

When it comes to Civilization VI, you might find yourself tempted to sidle up next to Egypt. That’s because Firaxis Games has given us a first look at what the “wonder-focused” civilization is capable of, and it seems like a potentially powerful ally.

The Cleopatra-led nation will thrive when districts and wonders are built near rivers. Fertile riverbanks yield more of everything than a desert wasteland does. Also, Egypt gives bonus food to its trading partners and earns extra gold along trade routes. This is where that sidling up comes into play.

As for its unique unit, Egypt has the Maryannu Chariot Archer — a horse-drawn bowman that moves extra quickly when it starts a turn on open terrain. If that happens, you’re probably best off hoping that the archers’ bows have broken (even though that’s an unlikely wish.)

Brett Makedonski
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