Wait, what?: Ubisoft’s Wii game Monkey Madness is Nintendogs … with monkeys

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that Ubisoft’s Wii game, Monkey Madness, is not for you. The fact sheet for the game states that the target audience for the game is kids ages six to eight years; considering I’m about to use the word “f**k,” I’d hope you are not of that age.

F**k. See, there I go. 

But you guys need to see this. Because from what I can tell, Monkey Madness takes the popular Nintendogs formula, throws in some monkeys, and runs with it. You’ll build a relationship with a family of monkeys and — get this — utilize the game’s unique cross-breeding system to create strange species of monkeys. And then, once you’ve completely soiled the gene pool, you can dress your monkeys in humorous outfits. Finally, the species-embarrassing sim you’ve been waiting for. 

Monkey Madness has only been announced for a November 2008 European release. But with a killer idea like this, I can’t imagine they’ll be able to keep it away from this side of the pond for much longer. 

Nick Chester