Wait, this is TimeShift?

 Some new screens have surfaced of the Vivendi Universal published game, Timeshift. Not to be confused with the Atari published game of the same name, of course. Wait — they’re the same game! That is confusing.

Here’s the deal — TimeShift probably should have been out awhile ago, but you know — the best laid plans, bad press, and all that jazz. The Saber Interactive title was originally being published by Atari, but didn’t seem to be meeting their lofty expectations. A demo was released, which was met with cynical press and rampant internet-troll whining. The game was delayed, and then in August of last year, publishing rights shifted over the Vivendi.

Now it’s back and it’s almost entirely unrecognizable, as it looks significantly different (and better, visually) than the game that was shown last year. TimeShift is now on track for a 2007 (Xbox 360, PC, PS3) and still, unfortunately, features voice acting by Dennis Quaid.

Nick Chester