Wait, really? Wii Balance Board to be supported in Prizefighter

Here’s a story that comes straight out of left field. We’ve heard of 2K Sports’ Don King Presents: Prizefighter, a boxing videogame that’ll be out this spring for the Xbox 360 and in September on the Wii and DS. In fact, you might remember the trailer that Nick posted yesterday. That was for the 360 version of the game; until today, we hadn’t heard anything about the Wii or DS versions.

But VideoGamer.com has now broken that silence with an intriguing report. Venom Games, the developer of Prizefighter, will include support in the game for the Wii Balance Board peripheral that comes with Wii Fit. Matthew Seymour, Executive Producer at 2K Europe, had this to say about the integration:

Myself and the developers love the Balance Board, and we’ll be utilising that not to fight, because that would be a little weird, but for the training games. So doing the jump rope training game, and push-ups and all of that kind of stuff, will all be nicely woven using the Balance Board.

Right now, I have a picture in my mind of an overweight gamer repeatedly jumping on the Board and smashing it to bits. Still, this opens up all kinds of new possibilities for the Wii Balance Board; as far as I’m aware, this is the first news of the peripheral being used for a game other than Wii Fit itself. All of a sudden, that $89.99 price tag doesn’t look so bad…

[Via VideoGamer — Thanks, Jonathan!]

[Update: DonWii has made note of my presumptuous idiocy. Namco has already put out We Ski, which uses the Balance Board, in Japan (it’s coming to America this spring). Also, THQ is developing All-Star Cheerleading, another Balance Board-compatible game. My bad.]

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