Wack ass America doesn’t get dope Gravity Rush ads

PS4 remaster all out in Japan

I’ve been consigned to horrible downtown all week doing my civic duty and boy are my arms tired. And while I love to pay $7 for a $3 sandwich and to walk a mile and to drop $4 a day on public transit, you know what I don’t love about downtown?

None of our plentiful, incredibly straight buildings are adorned with images of a giant falling anime babe about to crush and kill an entire Starbucks. Sony Japan’s Yasuhiro Kitao tweeted the photo, showing off Gravity Rush‘s (Gravity Daze, there) marketing push. The cartoon tears on the handsome crying man in the bottom left are just a bonus.

I’m just saying, America. Less Draft Kings branded eyelid inserts, more falling anime women. Thanks and god bless.

Steven Hansen