VUDU HD streaming movie service comes to PS3

On-demand movie service VUDU is set to launch on PlayStation Network in the United States on November 23. Sony would like you to know that at this time the PS3 will be the only gaming console to have this service. You’ll be able to stream in true 1080p HD format and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound through an application. 

Here’s their rundown of the service:

Using the VUDU streaming movie service, PS3 owners will be able to conveniently and instantly access more than 4,000 HD movies from all major Hollywood studios on-demand, including new releases available the same day they are released to DVD or Blu-ray Disc. The VUDU streaming movie service also offers great value to PS3 households, with an enormous collection of titles available for only $2 for a two night rental.

On launch day you’ll download the VUDU application in the “Media” category on PlayStation Store and then access it under the “Video” icon on the XMB menu. New VUDU customers receive a $5.99 credit, so you’ll get your first movie for free.

I think this is pretty great for movie fans. Lots of people use their PS3 as a home media hub, and this just expands its functionality. Me? I bought this thing to play games on. 

Dale North