VR gave me pink eye at PAX

I’m living your nightmare so you don’t have to

(Update: it was a popped blood vessel. Sorry for the scare!)

We’ve all joked about it. Now the chickens have come home to roost, and shit, directly in my eyeball.

I’ve been doing VR demos all day at PAX East, and at least one of them certainly gave me some gnarly pink eye. I’d love to say it was worth it, but I’m writing this post in the press room and people are scrunching their faces in disgust, slowly inching away from me like I should be quarantined. 

VR made me a fucking monster.

If you or a loved one are about to use a VR headset, make sure your hands are clean and a sanitized cloth is used to clean the lenses and interior before you put it on. Please.

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