Vote or Die! New Wii channel available

Well, not so much die, but be one of the uncool kids, and that’s pretty much the same thing as being dead. So, Nintendo has released it’s new “Everybody Votes” channel which will allow readers to vote on the truly hot button issues that are facing the gaming world today, like:

Which is a more romantic Valentine’s Day gift? Chocolates or roses.

I’d rather live in a house on…A mountain or a beach.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Which century would you prefer to live in? 19th century or 22nd century.

How hard hitting! I realize that it’s just the initial launch and these are just placeholders. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to use this as a serious feedback tool for gamers as to what they want to see in the future, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be horribly misused and ask extremely vague questions, or “which Nintendo character is your favorite?” What are some other things that I noticed with the channel?

[ Editor’s note:  Pffft. I want my  –Niero ]

When my friend was registering, it changed his Mii’s shirt color from black to  light blue. The color change happens repeatedly, as whenever you vote, your shirt changes to the color that’s associated with the vote. Also, it allows you to suggest questions, but it only allows you to submit one question per day, and your questions become the property of Nintendo.

One bit that’s irritating is that we still had to type in country and state, despite the fact that this information’s been put into the Wii several times over. Shouldn’t this information be there already, since it was entered when the system was first set up, and entered again when the Weather Channel update was performed?

So, go Destructoidites, and propose to Nintendo this question: Which gaming site is better? Destructoid or Kotaku. I would say Joystiq, but we already pwned them.

[Thanks to Matthew for the screens and video!]