Vote now for Destructoid’s 2017 Community Choice Award!

Every day’s a vote! Every vote’s a win!

The results of the Destructoid staff GOTY picks on each platform have been revealed over the past few days. But who cares about these nerds anyway? Doesn’t the community deserve a voice as well?

Why yes, it does.

So we’re reaching to everyone with an online connection (unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to add an offline mode yet) to pick favorites in a selection of the most beloved games of the year. Will the community pick completely different games? Will our tastes align? I can’t withstand this suspense!

What do I have to do to be part of this monumental leap in democracy, you ask? Just vote in the poll below. You can pick up to your five favorite games, though you can use as much or as little voting power as you want. The choice is yours. 

The poll will be open until Monday, January 1st at 11:59 PM PST. Results will be revealed in a separate post after they are tallied. The options you’ll be able to pick from are based on our GOTY nominees, with some highly requested games from the comment section like Troll and I mixed in. If I missed your favorite, please ごめん. 

Beyond the poll, I’m interested to hear what you have to say about your favorite game of the year in the comment section below! Especially if they’re games that aren’t in the poll above… In GOTY season, the most popular games get all the attention, so having an opportunity to read about neat games we might have otherwise missed is always appreciated!

(UPDATE: Voting’s over! The results will be uploaded soon.)