Vote in your favorite character for the new SSX

The new SSX is a ways off; we’re talking 2012 here. Apparently EA Sports hasn’t even locked in the game cast yet, and it’s giving that power to you via an online voting process.

Over the next three weeks, fans will vote on the official SSX Facebook page, selecting from favorites from the franchise’s past. Each week, you’ll be able to select three of four characters who will appear in the game.

Here’s the voting schedule:

  • Week of April 25: Kaori, JP, Moby, Viggo
  • Week of May 2: Zoe, Mac, Nate, Allegra
  • Week of May 9: Psymon, Eddie, Griff, Tyson

Honestly, as big a fan I am of the series, I couldn’t care less who makes it in. It was always about the gameplay, less about the colorful characters. Although I could do without a few of the more obnoxious ones, so I guess I’ll be voting along with everyone else.

Nick Chester