Vote in Backlog Series 14: Wanna B UR Fantasy

Time again to vote in a new game for Backlog. If my calculations are correct, we’re just finishing up Splatterhouse now and I’ve put together a list of titles that you can join me in playing for our next run.

The theme this time is one of fantasy, which is nowhere near my preferred setting. But that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to pass up a good game just because it has dungeons and/or dragons in it. Read on, check out the list and make your selection.

Overlord II
Overlord II
Developed by Triumph Studios
Released June 23, 2009

Pikmin for people who love to be bad, the Overlord games are known for their dark sense of humor and morality system which forces players to choose between being evil or being very evil. I had a ball with the first Overlord, so much so that I played it both in its original release on Xbox 360 and the later, expanded Raising Hell for PS3.

While I was enjoying my time with Overlord II, I planned poorly and started amidst a strong spring season. There just wasn’t any contest at that point, but I’m ready to give this the attention it deserves now.

Developed by Tecmo
Released November 1, 2005

This is the final (as of now) entry in one of Tecmo’s stranger series, Deception. I have a long history with this series going back to discovering its first incarnation in my very first shopping trip for PSOne games and being continually shocked every time another title not only would be produced but see release in the US.

This intriguing game of cat and mouse which sees you defending yourself from invaders through setting vicious traps and luring them to their doom results in both brilliantly tense and utterly hilarious moments. I will warn that this title suffers from some poor pacing and exceedingly bad translation, but it will startle you with its clever mechanics.

3D Dot Game Heroes
3D Dot Game Heroes
Developed by From Software
Released May 11th, 2010

Apart from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Alundra, both of which I’ve completed multiple times, the genre of adventure games which 3D Dot Game Heroes is a love letter to is one I routinely fail to finish. They either run on too long or, well, they’re the same thing I’ve seen a dozen times before in otherZelda clones.

3D Dot Game Heroes has a lot of charm going for it, which may help to push me along. And then there’s you guys of course. And I suppose with a game like this, there could be some opportunities to play with some rather creative designs on a nightly basis. Food for thought.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Developed by Ubisoft
Released on May 18th, 2010

It’s been a rocky period for the Prince of Persia franchise. After what seems to have been an unsuccessful reboot of the series (much to my chagrin; I adored 2008’s Prince of Persia), Ubisoft went back to the previously abandoned plot line with The Forgotten Sands. To their credit, Ubisoft seems to have acknowledged which of their games remains most deserving of a sequel and placed this 2010 title directly following The Sands of Time in its respective chronology.

I have played every game in the Prince of Persia series, even if I rarely make the effort to finish them. With your help, perhaps I’ll knock this one off my list.

Mystery Game
Mystery Game

Finally, we have the Mystery Game. Don’t make the mistake of choosing this for curiosity’s sake, as people have clamored before to know what it was and groaned when they learned. The intent here is to select the Mystery Game if none of the other games appeal to you, so voting for it just because you want to know what it is is kind of a dick move

If the Mystery Game is not chosen, it’ll roll over into the next series where it will continue to be a mystery.

There we have it. Put your vote in the comments below and tune in tonight at 8pm Pacific for a whole new series of Backlog!

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