Vote for support Pokemon in Pokken Tournament

One week to vote for your favorites

Brutal Blaziken was introduced yesterday to the Namco-developed fighter Pokkén Tournament, so the weed-loving fan favorite is in, but perhaps some ‘mons less suited for 1-on-1 combat can still make an appearance?

Fennekin and Lapras have already been introduced as support Pokémon that will help you out in Pokkén Tournament and the game’s official Twitter account is taking support character suggestions over the next week.

Probably you should tweet at that Japanese account with your favorite’s Japanese name (and append the hashtag #ポッ拳). Larvitar, Bagon, Growlithe, please. And Croagunk for playable! Please please please.

Which Support Pokémon Would You Like To See In Pokkén Tournament? [Siliconera]

Steven Hansen