Vomiting zombie exclusive, Jenny McCarthy on tonight’s GameTrailers TV

Each week I lament the fact that Spike TV airs GameTrailers TV in the middle of the night, when I’m either sleeping or obliterated from a night of drinking and Rock Band. But the show is actually quite good, usually delivering a handful of world exclusives, and tonight’s episode is no different. 

BE AMAZED as the release date for Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox LIVE Arcade will be revealed!  HOLD TIGHT as you’ll see the first gameplay footage of Need for Speed Undercover! SCREAM IN TERROR as Valve reveals the playable zombies of Left 4 Dead, complete with undead vomit! FEEL YOUR PANTS TIGHTEN at Jenny McCarthy’s portrayal of “Tanya” in the upcoming Red Alert 3!

Exciting stuff indeed, so set your VCRs, DVRs and other things that end in the letter “R.” Check your local listing for time and channel, or be really lazy and wait for them to put the new episode up on GameTrailers.com

Nick Chester