Volition shows off canceled Saint’s Row game

Please be ‘Johnny Gat: Originz Reloaded’

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The games industry is a rough one, its expensive, fast, and merciless. There are no shortage of games that are quietly killed in their sleep mid-development never to be seen again. However, Volition has made the somewhat maverick decision to show off one of its dead projects — Saint’s Row: Undercover on the PSP.

Volition and old THQ canned the project before it got too far along after multiple underwhelming internal reviews. But that hasn’t stopped current employees from digging out PSP dev kits and prodding its corpse. Volition has released a video looking at the game and outlining the thought process behind showing it off which offers a pretty interesting look into the internal politics and concerns of a studio. The team also plans to stream the game on the Volition Twitch channel on January 28 if you want to see it in action.

So how does Saint’s Row: Undercover look? Well, let’s just say some crimes deserve the death penalty.

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