A new Voice of Cards, The Beasts of Burden, is arriving this month

Voice of Cards Beasts of Burden

I’ll never be your Beasts of Burden

A new entry in Square Enix and Alim’s Voice of Cards series is on the way. Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch on September 13, 2022.

Each entry is a role-playing game where everything is cards. Villages, overworld maps, enemies, and even dialogue windows are all portrayed as cards in a deck.

The Beasts of Burden is the third in the series, following after The Isle Dragon Roars and The Forsaken Maiden. This is a standalone experience though, so no need to worry about missing the plot.

As laid out in an extensive Square Enix blog, the world has seen a millennia of hated between human and monster. A young boy and girl end up embarking on a quest for vengeance, and set out onto the surface world to unravel the world around them.

Gotta catch ’em all

Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden looks to have a unique twist for its world in the form of monster catching. The battle system still uses the Attack, Defense, and Health stats, as well as Gems for metering card usage each turn. But Monster Cards can be picked up using the protagonist’s power, turning enemies into helpful assets.

You can get monsters by either a chance after battle, or purchasing them at the Pet Store. Monsters will have different star rankings as well, indicating their power.

The latest in the Voice of Cards series also sees Yoko Taro, Keiichi Okabe, and Kimihiko Fujisaka teaming up once again. Plus there is the games parlor to while away some time in, and a game speed setting right out of the gate.

It seems like Voice of Cards is becoming a regular series for Square Enix, bulking out its schedule over the year. I never got around to the second entry, but the first Voice of Cards was a relaxing, enjoyable RPG with a surprisingly reasonable hour count. Coming off a pretty high hour-count RPG, this might be a nice one to check out when it launches.

Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden will launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 13.

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