Voez’s new patch on Switch brings a bunch of new songs

And the beat goes on…

Voez just won’t die on Switch. After adding in Joy-Con support last month, publisher Flyhigh Works has announced that the rhythm game will be receiving an additional 14 songs in its latest update. The patch should be available right now on the eShop and will include the following tunes (check the video for a quick preview of each one):

  • “Return of the Prodigy” (Special) by Raito feat. Seina
  • “Meteor Lights” (Hard) by S-Don
  • “Sky Love Fantasia” (Easy) by Stereoberry
  • “The Black Case” (Special) by KillerBlood
  • “Masquerade” (Hard) by M2U
  • “Milk” (Easy) by Atsushi Morimori
  • “Sonna ni Watashi o Kitai Sasenai de” (Special) by Kanae Uemura
  • “Don’t Stop the Moment” (Hard) by Tattsu
  • “Magical Toy Box” (Easy) by Shiron + Xi
  • “Qualia” (Special) by KIVA
  • “Checkmate” (Hard) by yoyo BunNii
  • “Freedom Dive” (Easy) by Xi
  • “Rainbow Light” (Hard) by Kofu
  • “Violet” (Easy) by Eyemedia

Voez on Switch Is Getting a Hefty Update With 14 New Songs [Twinfinite]

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