Voez’s latest update brings 16 more songs to the game

200+ songs now available

Every time I hear about Voez, it’s always about some new feature coming to the title. I know the game is a rhythm title released for Switch at launch, but I’m surprised it’s still receiving updates to this day. The latest patch, Version 1.6, adds a whopping 16 more tracks to the game and pushes the track selection to over 200 songs. That’s awesome.

You can check the new tracklist below:

  • “Energy” [Easy] by yourmythos
  • “Race is on” [Hard] by Paul Bazooka
  • “Snow” [Special] by Night Keepers
  • “Angel Wing” [Easy] by Uma
  • “Mont Blanc” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “My Real Eden” [Special] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Festival Lights” [Easy] by Mr. Fantastic
  • “Mother” [Hard] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness-” [Easy] by FIG
  • “One Happy Thing a Day” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “Hai Dian Nan Lu No. 36” [Special] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Running out of Life” [Easy] by Alpha Legion
  • “Road” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “For Kimini Okuru Uta” [Easy] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Take That Ticket” [Hard] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Give” [Special] by Night Keepers

Voez for Switch version 1.6 update now available, adds 16 songs [Gematsu]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.