Vive’s post-Xmas VR deal: $100 off plus $100 gift card

Get what you really want for Xmas

If you didn’t get a VR headset for Christmas, you can always take advantage of the best price and bonus of the year. The Microsoft Store must not have sold enough units, because now it’s discounting the HTC Vive by $100 and tacking on a $100 Gift Card bonus.

This ties the best deal of the year for the Vive last seen on Cyber Monday 2016. In previous weeks Microsoft has been offering that $100 gift card bonus, but now that the holidays are partly behind us, the extra $100 off is a fine addition to its offer.

This is not too far off from the offer Microsoft has on the cheaper Oculus Rift headset for $599 + a $100 Gift Card. In the Oculus’ case there is no $100 discount, but you still get the bonus.

If you’re on the fence between Oculus and Vive, the discount to $699 on the HTC unit does make its case much stronger, as the HTC Vive is not just a headset, but extends the VR experience to an entire room. For more on each VR system, check the HTC Vive review here, and the Oculus review here.

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