Vivendi continues their ‘it’s not a hostile takeover, we promise’ strategy for Ubisoft

Now up to 20.1%

After successfully taking over Gameloft and forcing out Michel Guillemot, Vivendi is once again setting their sights on Ubisoft, the company they constantly deny they are trying to acquire. Just days after E3 the conglomerate decided to up their ownership to 20.1%, a number that no doubt has Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot shaking in his boots. As Game Informer points out, once a company owns 30% of a stock in France, they have to tender a public offer. 

There was something I definitely noticed at the end of the Ubisoft E3 conference. Guillemot got everyone up on stage to take an emotional bow of sorts — like he knew this would be the last time he was with everyone.

Ubisoft Rises as Vivendi Adds to Stake, Fueling Bid Speculation [Bloomberg via Game Informer]

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