Vivendi confirms The Bourne Conspiracy demo arriving next month

CVG has confirmed with Vivendi that a demo for the forthcoming third-person espionage title The Bourne Conspiracy will be coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network next month. The publisher tells CVG that the demo is still “awaiting confirmation,” which hopefully means we’ll see the demo prior to the game’s June 3 release date.

Developed by High Moon Studios (the folks that brought you the reasonably solid first-person shooter Darkwatch), The Bourne Conspiracy expands on the adventures of Robert Ludlum’s popular character Jason Bourne, made most famous by the film trilogy starring Matt Damon. The title will mix hand-to-hand combat, quick time events, and driving sequences; the demo is said to contain more than one mission, including one that takes place prior to the events of The Bourne Identity

It should be noted that no one at High Moon Studios is f**king Matt Damon, and his face and voice will not appear in the title.

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