Viva Pinata is coming!!! You’re Invited!!!

Via GayGamer

. As if Viva Pinata didn’t look flamboyant enough, you now get to see them talking in their full orgy of glory. The 360 game looks like it could be a sweet Pokemonish game that even the Japanese crowd will flock to, but despite having a crazy imagination and an enjoyment for psychedelic games, I prefer my pinatas silent.Actually, screw that – I prefer my pinatas screaming and bleeding with candy – think of how cool the game could have been if the goal wasn’t dancing with pinatas to mate with them, and was instead driving 40+ species of pinata to extinction with various weapons found throughout the island. The TV show could show where different species are hiding at each week so that every weekend you can hunt them down and murder them all. That would be the best kids game ever. Xbox Live could offer guild support to hunt down every last critter – maybe my island has a few pinatas yours doesn’t? My guild’s war cry would be Trick or Treatttt!!! SMASH! Screw Cloudsong drops, I want Kit Kats.Rare better hope they aren’t wasting millions on a kids show that will tank. We’ll have to wait ’til this fall to “PARTY HARDY!” and find out if Rare has no future in gaming.

Tom Fronczak