Viva Pinata in-game content hits eBay

I don’t think this is what J Allard had in mind for Velocity Girl when he hinted at Xbox Live’s community marketplace back at E3 ’06 .

An enterprising Viva Pinata player has begun breeding and selling in-game pinatas via eBay. Currently for sale are 5 Elephanilla; 5 Fourheads; and some creepy thing called a Pigxie. One listing states:

This auction is for the service of catching and breeding of an Elephanilla Pinata in the xbox 360 game Viva Pinata. The actual Elephanilla is intellectual property of Rare, and is not what is being sold. You are paying for the service. Upon reciept of payment, I will send to your xbox live account, 5 Elephanilla Pinatas. These are tough to get, you must reach a high enough level to get a visit, then feed it 4 sets of fruit. Once it becomes a resident, you must feed it another 4 sets of fruit to get it to romance. Once payment is recieved, please send me your Xbox Live gamertag and the pinatas will be on their way shortly. Thanks and happy bidding!

Bids start at $9.99 with a “Buy it Now” price of $12.99, which is a great price if you don’t want to actually spend anytime playing the game you paid $49.99 for.


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