Visit the knock-off game system museum

Surely you’ve come across any number of the many look-alike, wanna be, Chinese made imitation game systems in your travels. The Japanese call cheap imitations of brand name items ‘pachimon’, and so these would be called pachimon games.

The Pachimon game museum may be in Japanese, but who reads at a museum anyway? They showcase several gaming rip-offs: everything from the stupidly named Super PolyStation II (which only plays Famicom games) to the brilliantly designed King Car 911 (pictured above), which does not operate as a remote controlled car, despite its appearance. American gamers might be more familiar with the Nintendo Entertainment System-looking Generation Nex or FC X2, both of which pop up in game stores from time to time.

The majority of these systems play Famicom or Super Famicom cartridges, but the freaky frankensystem Modern Mate plays Famicom and Mega Drive carts, and even has a joystick built in!

Be sure to check them all out at the pachimon game museum.

What about you? Have you picked up your own Jank Box 36X? Would you trust your precious rare games to these fakes? Do you have any positive experiences with any knock-offs?

Dale North