visions of mana august release date

Visions of Mana gets a console and PC release date for late August

Visions of a launch date.

Square Enix has finally revealed the release date for its Mana follow-up, Visions of Mana. The game is arriving on console and PC on August 29, still well within the previously established summer 2024 launch window.

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Square dropped the news earlier today along with a nearly four-minute launch trailer showcasing characters, enemies, and the game’s gorgeous world. There do seem to be some hints at plot turns in the trailer, so you may want to avoid it if you want to be unspoiled. Granted, what’s being revealed appears to be rather light.

The series returns in August

Visions of Mana isn’t a remake or remaster, but a new game in the 33-year-old series (and the first in 15 years). You play as Val, tasked with guarding his friend Hinna as they travel to the Tree of Mana. The trailer introduces two more playable characters in the form of Palamena and Julei, whom you can toss into your three-person battle group ahead of fights. Visions of Mana is an action RPG like its many predecessors, allowing you to wield weapons or elements to defeat foes.

As someone who only knows of the Mana series by reputation, I can say that Visions of Mana may make me commit. The trailer, which sweeps you across the game’s many beautiful environments, glows like a warm ember. It was hard to tear my eyes away. But graphics aren’t everything, of course, and thankfully it seems like the combat looks flashy and energetic enough to keep you from lulling into a slumber from the game’s comfy aesthetic.

Visions of mana release date - comfy picture with two characters
Image via Square Enix

Square Enix also revealed different purchase editions for Visions of Mana. One, naturally, comes with an early access incentive, since that seems to be en vogue these days.

Here they are, courtesy of Square Enix:

  • Digital:
    • Standard Edition
    • Digital Deluxe Edition – Includes Mana Superstars Costume Set, Mana Series BGM Bundle and 24 hours Early Access
      • Digital Deluxe Upgrade – Can be purchased to upgrade previously purchased digital Standard Edition, adding Digital Deluxe Edition contents
      • Players who purchased Physical Standard Edition can obtain the same content as the “Digital Deluxe Upgrade” by purchasing the “Mana Superstars Costume Set” and “Mana Series BGM Bundle,” sold separately.
  • Physical:
    • Standard Edition
    • Collector’s Edition – Includes Ramcoh Plush, ART of MANA SPECIAL ISSUE (Art Book), Visions of Mana Original Soundtrack Collector’s Edition Special Box

Visions of Mana is arriving on August 29, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via MS Store and Steam.

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