Visco Collection compiles a fistful of forgotten arcade releases

visco collection captain tomaday retro rerelease

What do you mean ‘Who’s Captain Tomaday?’

The retro-lovers over at QuByte Interactive have announced a brand new compilation spotlighting the works of lesser-remembered ’80s/’90s developer Visco Corporation — Now in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, Visco Collection offers a look back at some old-school arcade/Neo Geo releases.

The new compilation bundles together seven titles from the Visco archives, freshly emulated by indie developer PixelHeart. The game featured are Neo Geo shmup Andro Dunos (1992); futuristic sports game Flip Shot (1997) and its sequel Bang Bead (2000); side-scrolling actioner Ganryu (1999); rally racer Neo Drift Out (1996), soccer title Goal! Goal! Goal! (1995); and finally the bizarre, tomato-based shmup Captain Tomaday (1999).

No further details have been announced, so we do not know whether the collection will include online play, save states, a museum mode, or any of the other features typical of other retro collections — such as Capcom Arcade Stadium. There are some fun titles bundled here, though the only one I remember seeing quite commonly on the scene is Neo Drift Out. Importantly, however, Captain Tomaday is finally about to get his day in the sun, enjoying the fame and fortune that eluded the winged fruit during his initial run — smothered by the encroaching concerns of The Millennium Bug, no doubt.

Visco Collection is currently in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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