Visceral wants to make a Macbeth game

If you’re one of the book owls who hate Visceral for “ruining” Dante’s Inferno, then you might want to find a bit to chomp down on with this new bit of nerd-angering news. Visceral Games has been thinking about other books to wreck, and Macbeth seems a very likely candidate. They’ve been wanting to do it for years, in fact.

Macbeth the game is something I’ve been thinking about for years,” says producer Jonathan Knight. “But now, I think the emotional quality that games are achieving and the value level of the acting and the sound work makes it possible.”

Don’t worry though, English majors, Knight is aware that Macbeth will need some subtlety to it: “Dante’s is more of a violent interpretation of the poem for example. Macbeth would be great, though; there are witches and a supernatural experience along with plenty of intrigue and murder.”

Okay … maybe not that much subtlety.

I don’t care though. I think it’s fun that Visceral is trying to turn books into games. Sure, they might not be the most faithful of interpretations, and the volume of artistic license at play is going through the roof, but if the games are fun and the adaptation is interesting enough, you can shove your faithfulness up your library-humping arse.

Visceral will have to be quick though. Didn’t Marc Ecko want to do this exact same thing? Maybe they’ll need to collaborate.

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James Stephanie Sterling