Visceral promises Dead Space 2 demo will be badical

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If you’re not already sold on the idea of Dead Space 2 (and you should be, it’s Dead Space f*ckin’ 2), hold tight. Visceral Games is hard at work at a pre-release demo that will not only give you a taste of the game, but will make you say “Holy sh*t, I’m going out right now, I’ve got to get this!”

Speaking with G4, executive producer Steve Popoutsis says they studio is making sure they focus on delivering a strong demo that will wow fans both old and new.

“One of the things that we did ourselves a disservice on the original game,” he says, “a lot of people played it and our demo was not received as the super awesomest thing ever. That’s one thing, again, we want to make sure this time out we deliver a demo that lets people understand the flavor and the experience that’s at the heart of the Dead Space universe.”

“It’s our goal to deliver a game that not only after every single chapter you want to keep going,” he explains, “but we want the demo to be the kind of event where you play it and you go ‘Holy sh*t, I’m going out right now, I’ve got to get this!’ That’s one of the goals that we’re driving towards and I think we’re going to nail that.”

There’s no date on Dead Space 2, but rumblings have us seeing it ship sometime in early 2011. But at least now we know we can expect a demo before then, and it should be totally awesome.

Dead Space 2 PAX East Interview [G4TV]

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