Visceral: Nothing compares to Dead Space 2 multiplayer

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As much as I love Dead Space 2and I certainly loved it — I find myself having to disagree with a recent statement made by Visceral art director Ian Milham. He has claimed there’s nothing like Dead Space 2‘s multiplayer component, thanks to its humans vs. monsters dynamic. That’s kind of untrue.

“When we kicked off the idea of a Dead Space multiplayer some people were like ‘Wait, what?’, because games like Battlefield and Medal of Honor exist and have great multiplayer and Dead Space as a franchise isn’t known for that,” he stated. “Our mantra was ‘Can you play a demon baby in Battlefield?’ The answer is no. The ideas we’re using are fun and complimentary to the experience you can already have.

“Other games are fine but this is different. It’s the kind of multiplayer that could only exist in a Dead Space type world. So no, I don’t think we have any comparables.”

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Raven’s Singularity released last year with an almost identical dynamic, as teams took turns being human soldiers and mutated monstrosities. It was also, to be blunt, a far better experience than the somewhat bland multiplayer found in Dead Space 2

And let’s not forget Left 4 Dead, which seemed to kick off the “humans vs. monsters” dynamic, and the Beast Mode from Gears of War 3, which will let you team up as enemies from the campaign. It seems that playing your opponents is getting less unique by the day … and I can dig it!

Dead Space 2 multiplayer ‘is unique’ – Visceral [CVG]

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