Virtua Tennis 4 is smashing all consoles this Spring

Despite Top Spin 4 not getting Kinect support, it’s not stopping Sega from letting you “accidentally” punch in-laws in your living room with Virtua Tennis 4. The game will support Move and 3D on the PS3, Kinect, and your usual Wii controls.

A new World Tour career mode now lets you make decisions which will affect your player’s career path to add replayability. You can now also fill a new Match Momentum gauge on the court for a burst of “improved ability”. That should keep things a bit more interesting than last time around, when the career mode could get a bit repetitive after hours of matches.

The new Online Mode should also give you online tournaments to become the Virtua Tennis Champion. Someone at Sega PR took the effort to write paragraphs filled with sparse information though, so there are not a lot of details on that.

You’ll be able to try and hit Federer, Nadal, Wozniacki, and other tennis pros in the face this Spring.

Maurice Tan