Virtua Tennis 3: French game, Japanese developer, American interpreter

JeuxFrance posted a confusingly multicultural video of Virtua Tennis 3 earlier today. In it, Kazuki Nogushi, a Japanese woman and one of Sega’s people behind the creation of Virtua Tennis 3, is shown playing the French version of the game while an American interprets what she says for what is presumably, the French audience of the website. Wrapping my mind around the logistics of that statement was causing a bit of hemorrhaging, so instead I’ll just talk about the pretty moving pictures and the much refined neck rendering techniques in this version of the game.

Based on the footage and the barbiturate-soaked voice of the narrator, this game has a lot of promise. It seems to be running as smoothly as the Dreamcast game of old, and if they can just get the physics to the level of it’s ancient predecessor, they should have a hit on their hands. 

If you missed your Ritalin today and don’t have the patience to sit through the whole thing, at least fast forward it to the 5:15 mark to witness one of the most bizarre minigames in history. In it, a woman in a typical tennis uniform is forced to dodge gigantic fuzzy balls that come crashing down from a ramp in front of her. Successfully completing the minigame causes the corpse of Sigmund Freud to rise from the grave and punch you in the face.

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