Violence, unoriginal games make Pokemon director ‘sad’

Pokémon Black/White director Junichi Masuda is saddened by this year’s E3 offerings, citing a lack of originality and an overabundance of violence. 

“This year, FPS war games were trend!! A lot of splatter scenes!! Blood spread everywhere. Shooting a lot, killing a lot,” he said with a charming amount of broken English. “The game developer seems get used to ‘kill’ the target. Therefore, I felt ‘how to kill’ became a focus of developing game. For that reason, target become zombie and alien …

“These targets’ savage attack and human counterattacks … It became savage contents and you never know. Mmm … It is the player who choose the game to play. As a game creator, it is little sad! Majority of the games look like a same game. There were little of original games. I felt a sense of crisis with above part.”

He might have a point, but you could argue the Pokémon series is about forcing animals into brutal bloodsports and has repeated itself about four times. So, let’s just say everybody’s to blame here. 

Pokémon Director Sad That E3 Was All About Killing [Siliconera]

Jim Sterling