Vin Diesel no longer Agent 47

Timothy Olyphant

Thank God. I can’t even begin to express how relieved I am about this. Apparently, the Hitman movie has finally gotten the go ahead from Fox. More importantly, Vin Diesel isn’t playing Agent 47 anymore. Here’s the recent developments, straight from Ain’t it Cool News:

I’ve played a bit of HITMAN, the Eidos game that inspired this film, and it’s fun. Like any game-to-film adaptation, though, there’s a lot of heavy lifting required to turn it into a narrative worth watching.

And it looks like Skip (SWORDFISH) Woods has nailed it. At least, whatever he just turned in has finally gotten the film a greenlight. For a while now, Vin Diesel is the name that’s been attached to the film as star.

Nope. It’s Timothy Olyphant instead. And, frankly, I think that’s awesome casting. I’m a huge fan of DEADWOOD, I can’t wait to see him play another growling, deadly sonofabitch.

Luc Besson has just come aboard the film to co-produce along with Chuck Gordon, Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter, and the film should be in theaters as early as next fall from 20th Century Fox.

My prayers have been answered. There is a God.

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