Vigilante 8: Arcade announced for XBLA

Mark your calenders, folks! Vigilante 8: Arcade is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Spring from the guys who brought you the original V8. It’s a “re-imagining” of the car-wrecking series that features brand new content, including online multiplayer for up to 8 players.

Even though I haven’t played Vigilante 8 before, I’m really looking forward to this one, if only because there aren’t a whole lot of other fantastic Live Arcade games on the horizon, and I enjoy watching things explode. Are you guys ready to blow sh*t up too?

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[Via power-glove’s Cblog

Here’s a slew of features that’ll be crammed into Vigilante 8: Arcade. Giddy up!

  • • Five newly designed, highly interactive arenas, using Bezier patch technology for maximum surface smoothness!
  • • Eight gorgeous, highly varied ‘70s vehicles, rendered using advanced metallic shaders at 10,000+ polygons each
  • • Classic V8 character personas and unique special weapons
  • • Six standard weapon pick-ups with three advanced attacks each, featuring both ‘classic’ (combo) and ‘casual’ (charge-up) input methods
  • • Multiple collectible power-ups and ‘salvage points’
  • • User-customizable car paint color
  • • Advanced car physics for hyper-semi-realism and ultra high replay value — easy to pick up, difficult to master!
  • • Spectacular pyrotechnic, destruction effects, and physics-driven interactive hazards
  • • Single player modes against advanced bot AI
  • • Local split-screen modes up to four players
  • • Online multiplayer with up to eight human players
  • • Voice and (hopefully) camera support
  • • Leaderboards, achievements, unlockable secrets, and more!
  • • Free and premium extra downloadable content planned…
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