Vietnamese skincare company hijacks Resident Evil’s Umbrella logo

Apparently it was a mistake

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Found by some astute folks at NeoGAF, a skincare company over in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has adapted a very peculiar logo that you don’t typically associate with healthy skin — the Umbrella Corporation symbol.

Plastered all over their site with happy employees and patients, the symbol isn’t just a spinoff or unique take on the fake evil organization, but an exact replica, as the coloring is a 1:1 match. It brings me back to the days when Avon was promoting the first film with a pretty clever T-Virus vial.

Following up on the internet’s explosion, the Medcare Skin Centre’s Facebook page posted a reply, noting that they were “very surprised” with the feedback, and that a “hired third-party” chose the logo.

Medcare Skin Centre [Medcare via NeoGAF]

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