VidRhythm unveiled; Harmonix’s newest music IP

Harmonix recently filed a trademark for something called VidRhythm, and while there was a bit of speculation, there was no concrete information. We now know that it is an iOS app that will use sound and video recordings to create a unique video rhythm track. Users will be instructed to make specific individual sounds that will then be put together, tweaked and distorted by the app to create a masterpiece (or train wreck) of sound. Although this can be done with just one person, it is going to be more fun with a group, and the app seems to be intended as something a person would do with friends.

According to an IGN interview with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos, VidRhythm is not the only smaller project the development team is working on. Despite multiple projects being taken on, this video-music-mashup is probably not a one time deal. While Rigopulos couldn’t go into much detail, he did say they have quite a few ideas for the future of this new IP. 

VidRhythm has a lot of potential, and I am excited to see what creativity it brings out of people once it hits the App Store in September. My artistic talents sadly lie elsewhere, but I imagine this will still be fun, whether you’re a genius composer or just want to goof off with some friends. Despite the fact that this is not even a game, Harmonix has a great track record with all things musical. Hopefully this is filled with more of their awesome skill.

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Victoria Medina