Videos show Catherine’s ‘Rapunzel’ mini-game and jukebox

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The official Catherine website has updated with new screenshots and videos giving a look at some of the elements from the game’s adventure portion set in the Stray Sheep bar. Above is an example of the “Rapunzel” arcade game which appears to be a simplified version of Catherine‘s action stages, 

A second video shows off the bar’s jukebox. Vincent can use this to change the music in the bar. As the video below shows, it features music from Catherine as well as tracks from a number of the Shin Megami Tensei games, including Persona 3, Persona 4, Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga.

While I certainly don’t mind having the option to change whatever music I’m listening to, especially when the songs available come from soundtracks that I love, I hope there’s more to the jukebox than just a sound test. It would be great if the music you played had some effect on the mood of the people in the bar, making it an actual gameplay mechanic. Of course, I’ll settle for localization in the US. The demo rocked my world.

Catherine’s Rapunzel Minigame and Jukebox [andriasang]

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