Videogames and other electronics expected to pull in $22 billion this holiday

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Times have certainly changed. We went from giving holiday gifts like underwear, socks, and that gross sausage, to all types of consumer electronics. Hell, a bad bargain bin game has become the new “coal in the stocking” for my family — how’s that for change?

Consumers are expected to spend a record-breaking $22 billion on consumer electronics, with items like videogame hardware and software, MP3 players, and televisions topping wish lists this year.

“Consumer electronics will be the shining star of holiday retail sales, accounting for 22 percent of all gifts given,” said CEA Economist Shawn DuBravac.  Holiday sales will be particularly jolly for the video game category (hardware and software), laptop computers and the endless array of accessories available for your favorite product.”

The Consumer Electronics Association surveyed consumers to track specific products that people hope to recieve, and found that videogames systems rank in adults’ top five items. Video games also topped the “planned gift” list for polled consumers, and ranked along with additional memory for cameras, MP3 players, DVD players and digital cameras.

“Both lists demonstrate strong industry trends; consumers want to connect with others, create additional content, be more flexible and enhance the products they already have,” said DuBravac. Videogames and other devices are incorporating social networking applications and user interfaces, connecting like-minded consumers around the world. And accessories are enhancing all of these products, making the user experience better than ever.”

The 14th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns results says that 22 percent of all gifts bought this year will be electronic in nature, but I’m sure that number is much higher for the readers of Destructoid. What’s on your list this year?

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