Videogame industry made $1.1 billion in October

Yes, a billion, all in one month! The industry has done amazing this year and last month alone made $1.1 Billion (a 73 percent increase). Next-Gen has compiled a breakdown of all the major moneymakers from last month. Guitar Hero III was the big winner last month selling a total of 1.4 million units (both game only and guitar bundle) and took the number two, three, four and eight spots on the top ten best selling games of last month. Amusingly, the number four spot went to the bundled PS2 version of the game and the number eight spot went to PS2 game only version. Thanks to Guitar Hero as well, accessory sales went up 94 percent to make $130 million. Halo 3 still held onto the number one spot though, selling nearly 450,000 units. Overall, software sales made up over $513 million last month.

Hardware sales brought in a total of $469.7 million for October sales. Here’s a breakdown of the system sales:

Wii: 519,000
DS: 458,000
360: 366,000
PSP: 286,000
PS2: 184,000
PS3: 121,000

The gaming industry has made a total of $10.5 billion up until this point, which is a 49 percent increase compared to last year. We still have plenty of triple A titles coming out before the end of the year too. Check out Next-Gen for the full list of the top ten selling games of last month and the list of most games sold this year so far.

[Thanks, Lemon! — Image via ShoutWire. It’s what 900 million One Dollar bills would look like and is 20 feet tall, 50 feet long, 31 feet wide or basically 57 miles long.]

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