Video series The Game Makers now online and free to watch

15 developers talk about how they create

It’s been a week! As promised, the digital interview series The Game Makers: Inside Story is now online, watchable right here on YouTube. Look no further for lunch-break or late-night-snack material.

This 10-part video series from director Jennie Kong covers topics including storytelling, narrative design, and performance directing with appearances by creators who have worked on games like Until Dawn, Journey, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, and Firewatch. You’ll know these faces.

Catch the full series from start to finish in this handy playlist, or click through to the specific topics listed here that grab your attention. Feel free to bounce around and watch them out of order, too.

I’ve gone through the first four episodes, and my favorite so far has been the one on writing processes, in part because it feels relatable. I enjoyed talk of writing sometimes being like a puzzle you have to painstakingly solve, and the notion of holding out as long as possible before committing to ideas on paper as a way to prevent over-attachment and an unwillingness to iterate and improve.

The Game Makers: Inside Story [YouTube]

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