Video Review: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Rise and shine, ursine!

Rise and shine, indeed. I did a lot of that over the weekend, almost at noon each day since this game kept me up until 6:00am at one point (as I didn’t want to stop playing until the trial had ended, and some of these last over four hours). As a newcomer to the series as well, I didn’t know what to expect going in, and some of the writing made me do a double take. However, by the time I was editing the video review for this game, I knew for sure next weekend I would be crawling back for more.

In the future though I’ll be sure to pick this up on PlayStation 4 with the other games so I can get the full experience. With that said, as some of you may know, our own CJ Andriessen wrote the review and played it on PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, I captured all the footage you see in the video review on the PC version of the game, and if you’re on the fence about which version to get — let me violently shove you off the fence to the PlayStation 4 side.

Unfortunately the PC version is a very lazy console port. It features few graphical settings to adjust, with no resolution options. You can also still use keyboard and mouse, but good luck, since all of the in-game prompts will be from an Xbox One controller. Funny enough, despite this, at times the tutorial displayed controls from a PlayStation 4 controller. The game also froze up on me at one point, corrupting my save file and I lost well over 10 hours of progress because I was an idiot and was barely saving between it all.

Technical complaints out of the way, I hope you guys enjoyed the latest video review! Easily the most challenging part was correctly pronouncing various Japanese names. I’m sure our own Cory Arnold will forever silently judge me if he watches the video. If there was a blooper-reel it’d be over 20 minutes of me trying to pronounce a name midway through a line and lots of swearing at the end.

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