Video of Zeno Clash XBLA brings the WTF

ATLUS has teamed up with developer ACE Team’s Zeno Clash to Xbox LIVE Arcade as Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition. You should know this is a good thing — the once PC-only title mixed first-person brawling and a bizarre fantasy world that just needs to be experienced to be believed.

This latest trailer shows the XBLA version of the game in action, showing off some of the game’s melee attacks. Basically, it’s one minute worth of bizarre bird creatures and other questionable humanoid things getting the sh*t kicked out of them. Well worth a look, for sure, if you’re into bird creatures and humanoids getting pounded. 

The Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is scheduled for a March release. While you wait, you can read our review of the PC version.

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