Video: LittleBigPlanet Game Jam winner inspired by Shadow of the Colossus

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While all of the finalists of Parsons “LittleBigPlanet Game Jam” were impressive, only one creative team could go home with the $1,000 prize. That distinction went to Team Good Sportsmanship, who took home the “Best of Jam” prize for their Shadow of the Colossus-inspired design. 

As you can see in the above presentation, the level has LittleBigPlanet‘s hero Sackboy working his way through the insides of a hulking, moving beast. Making his way through the beast’s intestines, through its beating heart, and eventually out of its mouth, Sackboy eventually topples the monster and saves the day. It’s inspiring.

The video does more justice to the level than anything I could write. Seeing, as they say, is believing. And playing, well … that’s another story. You’ll have to wait until the level becomes available as shared content when LittleBigPlanet hits stores on October 21. 

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