Video: Iron Maiden drummer plays The Beatles: Rock Band

From the “Reality Overload” files comes this video of Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain playing The Beatles: Rock Band.

The 55-year-old drummer of the heavy metal band sits reclined in a couch to get his game on, gently tapping along on the drums to The Beatles’ “Good Morning Good Morning.” McBrain smiles as he plays, even at one point bursting into laughter. He really likes its, guys!

“That was miserable,” he says at the end, speaking not of the game, but of his performance. He scores 81% on Easy. Ringo Starr is not amused. 

In other news, McBrain can rock the sh*t out of some real drums, and you may or may not be able to play Iron Maiden songs on Rock Band drums at the Expert level. He’ll always be a winner in my book. 

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