Video games + murder = the new insanity plea

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A news station here in my home state of Oregon ran a report yesterday regarding a man from Klamath Falls who killed a fifteen year old by literally blowing him apart with a shotgun. His defense centered around the idea that violent video games drove him to murder. Of course, if it weren’t for the games, he would probably be a stripper, or an astronaut, or a really sexy combination of the two that would never consider liquifying the body of a teenager with a pump-action cannon.

Of course, as Game Politics reports, the prosecutors have this nutty idea that perhaps the defendant went “all whackypants” on the victim as revenge for the dead man’s having ripped him off during a drug deal gone awry (the worst kind of drug deal).

The saddest part is that there is a very real possibility that the drug dealer/murderer/failed sexy astronaut could receive a greatly lessened sentence based on the fact that he, at one point, played a video game, and the media has created the premise that video games make people sodomize animals and blow up retirement homes. It has become the new insanity plea, and our hobby having been reduced to something criminals can hide behind to escape justice for their crimes is utterly sickening. 

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