Video Games Live pre-loaded MP3 player looks sexy

Do you like Video Games Live? Of course you do, unless you’re an idiot. The chaps behind the critically acclaimed videogame concert know they’re hot sh*t, and have partnered with VIVO to produce a special VGL-branded MP3 player that comes pre-loaded with music from the hit show.

The MP3 player comes with a set of headphones, an internal speaker for public playing, and a built-in microphone for users to record their own voice for whatever personal and inane reasons. The pre-loaded music is exclusive to the player, with never-before-recorded tracks from Myst, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Mass Effect, Earthworm Jim, Warcraft, Advent Rising and, of course, Tron

The 2GB MP3 player costs $50, and I kind of actually want the sexy little thing.

VIDEO GAMES LIVE, a complete celebration and multimedia concert experience featuring music from the most popular video games of all time, has partnered with VIVO PRODUCTS, to create an exclusive MP3 Player pre-loaded with 10 exclusive never before released tracks from the Video Games Live show. The Video Games Live – branded player will be available at all concerts on tour, and on the Video Games Live website, and coming soon to major retailers nationwide.

The product will retail for $50 and will be presented in gift-box packaging, custom designed to match the look and feel of the phenomenal event. The branded MP3 player comes with high-quality VIVO Headphones, a USB Adapter and 2 GB of built-in memory, which will allow customers to augment the preloaded Video Games Live music with several hundred additional tracks of their choosing.

Also included in the player is an internal speaker for non-headset listening and a built-in microphone capable of recording voice and audio directly onto the device.

“We are excited about partnering with one of the greatest events in video game history and it has been phenomenal to work with Tommy and Jack to provide exciting ways for fans to enjoy new and classic video game music.” said Paul Chen, President and CEO of VIVO. Prolific video game composer and Video Games Live CEO/Co-Founder Tommy Tallarico added, “Having a uniquely branded product in the market like this is a great honor for us and further testament to the growing popularity of video game music and Video Games Live.”

Included on the player are never before released live recordings of music from the following franchises: Halo®, Kingdom Hearts, Warcraft®, Castlevania®, Myst®, Mass Effect™, Civilization IV, Tron, Earthworm Jim and Advent Rising.

Product Currently Available at the Video Games Live Online Store:

Jim Sterling