Vibe out to Bethesda’s Lofi Girl remix of Starfield’s soundtrack

The perfect soundtrack for your space adventures.

Andreja sleeping in spaceship in Starfield.

There’s plenty to appreciate in Starfield. You get gorgeous looks at outer space, intense shootouts with Spacer Scum, and some good companions to enjoy your adventure with. The game also features a stellar soundtrack courtesy of audio director Mark Lampert and composer Inon Zur.

If you’ve fallen in love with Starfield‘s soundtrack, you can enjoy the lo-fi version of it courtesy of Bethesda. The studio released Lofi Girl remixes, giving you the perfect background music when you’re sailing across the Settled Systems.

In typical Bethesda fashion, Starfield features a soundtrack that is grand yet sits neatly in the background as you embark on your adventures. There are plenty of spacey synths and grand orchestras that lend themselves quite well to both space exploration and lo-fi remixes.

If you’re interested, you can listen to Zur and Lampert discuss how they created Starfield‘s captivating music. They are cleverly able to explain some of their more abstract ideas, such as how the melodies have been composed to form circular patterns. Players who have completed Starfield and headed into New Game+ will understand how this mirrors the game’s structure.

Can’t get enough of the soundtrack? You can grab it and the artbook on Microsoft Store.

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