Viacom ordered to pay Harmonix $383 million for Rock Band

The latest in the battle between the makers or Rock Band and parent company Viacom is getting messy. They’re going back and forth on who owes who, but the latest findings say that Viacom owes Harmonix a whopping $383 million. 

This totally flips Viacom’s world upside down, as they recently filed a suit that claims that former original shareholders, including Harmonix’s founders, owe Viacom $131 million from some bad math.

This mess all stems from bonus payments to owed to Harmonix’s former owners following the 2006 acquisition of the studio by Viacom. They paid a bunch up front, and then paid a bit more in a bonus in 2007 for Rock Band sales, but gave up nothing the next year, and then asked for a refund of all money paid.

It’s not all over yet, though. LA Times says that Viacom has filed a suit looking to dump on the this new decision as it excluded evidence and arguments.

Dale North