VGHS episode 2 serves up more ham and cheese

Rocket Jump’s ambitious movie / mini-series project Video Game High School kicked off last week, and now the second episode is up for your enjoyment. To bring everyone up to speed, VGHS is about BrianD, a promising competitive gamer who manages to luck his way into the illustrious Video Game High School and must prove that he isn’t a one-pump chump.

When I saw the premier, I was worried that the series would fall back on the typical “gamer movie” cliches. And while that remains more or less the case in part two, it would appear that VGHS is well aware of the inherent hokeyness of the material and is choosing to embrace it and have a little fun. We get to see Harley Morenstein do his thang, and we’re finally introduced to Jimmy Wong‘s character Ted Wong, who wastes no time chewing up the scenery like it was made of gingerbread.

I’m definitely intrigued by the tale so far, so I would advise anyone still on the fence to stick around and see where the ride goes.

VGHS – Episode 2 [Rocket Jump]

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