Vermintide’s Drachenfels DLC introduces three new spooky maps

Fog, trees, and castles, oh my!

Joe liked the first-person cooperative rat-smashing Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide quite a bit, even though he felt it didn’t do enough to differentiate itself from Left 4 Dead. I haven’t had a chance to dig my teeth into it yet, but I’m all about Gothic castles and killing beasts with friends, so the three new upcoming maps might be a good time for me to jump in.

The Drachenfels DLC introduces new areas outside of Ubersreik: Castle Drachenfels, the Dungeons below, and Summoner’s Peak. These new haunts will be filled with the same rats, but will now have deadly traps hidden throughout. A torch mechanic will also be implemented to illuminate these dark places. This DLC will be the second paid add-on for Vermintide (the first being map set in the fun-to-say Schluesselschloss), but no price has been announced at this time. If you’re hungry for more loot-gathering and pest extermination, the Drachenfels maps come out on May 26.

Time for me to find some friends to play with. Or maybe you guys want to play with me? 

Zack Furniss