Various artists rearrange Dj CUTMAN’s Powerglove mix

I love the Power Glove, it’s so GOOD

Back in May, web musician Dj CUTMAN asked any and all artists to remix one of his songs for fun and profit. His track, “Powerglove (It’s So Bad)” featuring Ben Briggs, spliced audio from the cult classic The Wizard with tunes from a little-known NES shooter called Mig 29 Soviet Fighter.

Today, CUTMAN has released a short pay-what-you-want album that includes six of the best submissions. Even though they all draw from the same source track, each is very distinct and — if I may — quite badical.

Also, I just realized that these are remixes of a remix… Chiptune-ception!

Powerglove: THE REMIXES [Bandcamp]

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